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SAFE- Santulan Ayurveda Fertility Experience

Santulan Ayurveda

fertility experience (safe)

3 December, 2022

Based on the Ayurvedic concept of Garbha Sanskar designed by Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe, SAFE offers comprehensive, customized fertility treatment plans for couples making the parenting journey a joyful one. Where the health, vitality of both parents-to-be is optimized with authentic, time tested and absolutely safe and natural Ayurveda inspired solutions.

Santulan Ayurveda

garbha sanskar puraskar

28 June, 2022

On Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe’s birthday, we honour families who follow the Santulan Garbha Sanskar process. Receive certificates and awards for your child’s development, enjoy a meet-and-greet with Dr. Malvika Tambe and Dr. Bhagyashree and receive guidance on your baby’s future growth!

Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe’s

santulan veda festival seminar 2022

10-14 July, 2022

Rediscover yourself at the 5-day residential lifestyle seminar at Atmasantulana Village!