The answers that you provide in the form are designed to tell us about your child’s development. We apply the yardsticks devised by Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe and methods provided in ancient Ayurveda to come to our conclusions.

Thank you for your enthusiasm! The event is for families who have gone through the Garbha Sanskar process during their pregnancy and are now nominating their child. We would be overjoyed if you nominated your child in future after going through Santulan Garbha Sanskar. To book a consultation please click here. To know more about the Ayurvediya Garbha Sanskar book please click here.

If you would like to benefit from Garbha Sanskar, we suggest you should begin here, read the book here, or book a consultation with us!

The event is for parents who have nominated their children. For aspiring parents or newly pregnant couples, do check out our next Garbha Sanskar Webinar. At the webinar you will learn about this amazing ancient art and science of pregnancy management. From foundational steps to be taken for before conception, to the entire process during pregnancy and even after childbirth, the webinar is a comprehensive introduction for both parents to culture their future child.

The online form is the only way to register and participate. If you are facing problems filling in the online form please email us at or call/WhatsApp +91 9869926002

Since the form is online, you may certainly participate remotely, but the event and award ceremony is an in-person event and the families are expected to attend. However, we may open up attendance to participants via Zoom or Video Call. Please check back on the website for announcements after 5 June, 2022. 

Including the nominated child, we allow up to 4 members of a family to attend.

There is no entry fee to nominate your child or to attend the event! We recognize that parents has already spent a lot of time and effort to culture their child with Garbha Sanskar and we would like this event to be a place where their efforts are simply honored and appreciated.