The importance of Healing Music


Music is an integral part of Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar. Ayurveda emphasizes that harmonious music should be played at home at all times. Like its mother’s voice, the foetus can hear other music as well. It is possible to instill certain values (sanskar) into the growing foetus through certain types of music, and especially through specific mantras taken from the traditional musical system of India. The story of Abhimanyu, who learned how to break through a complicated battle formation (chakravyuha), while still in his mother’s womb, is well known in Indian mythology.

Listening to specific types of healing music, mantras, and instrumental music, especially featuring the instrument veena, is recommended in the scriptures, to ensure good maternal and foetal health.


The Garbha Sanskar music album, based on these traditional Vedic principles, has proved to give excellent results. Babies who have been exposed to this music prenatally are found to be markedly different from other children, and have excellent physical, intellectual and mental responses. This music should be heard every day, from conception until the child is born.

Since the music is familiar to them, children continue to enjoy it after they are born, and many parents have reported that their crying child calms down immediately on listening to this music. Verses and mantras from the Yajur Veda and Rig Veda help the baby to attain excellent eyesight and hearing, a well endowed and cultured voice and a long and happy life. The album also includes Garbha Rakshak Stotra, which, by calling on all powers and deities, protects the foetus from the moment of conception until a safe birth. This special mantra also shields the mother-to-be from negative energies.

It is very important that mantras be pronounced specifically and be sung in the correct raga etc. if we want to avail of their benefits. In this album, special attention has been paid to precise pronunciation, musical notation, pressure and accent and modulation to ensure maximum benefit to the listener. Musical ragas and notes have been specifically chosen to benefit the mother, and, in particular, to instill positive values in the unborn child. For example, verses of the Veer-rasa from the Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta, have been chosen and performed in Raga Shankara. This composition helps to make the child bold-hearted, courageous and a good leader.

We will see later the importance of the Panchamahabhoot (five elements) in the development of the foetus. To ensure that the Five Elements, the Panchamahabhoot, are balanced and functioning properly in the foetus to create a complete and healthy child, the album includes Aumkar and Panchatatva beejmantra. A veena recital in Raga Asavari has also been included to increase ojas and virya (life energy) in the baby. The newborn child is not just a physical body; it has a soul that requires values, such as truth, purity and love. The stotra Atmasanskarshatkam- shivoham-shivoham has been included on the album specifically to promote these values.

The album also includes compositions from the holy Gurbani, to ensure that the child receives blessings from its parents, God and guide (Guru), thus helping it to lead a successful, joyful, contented and healthy life.